Rev Fr Mbaka, the Spiritual Director and founder of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria believes that the existence of the Ministry predates his birth and will outlive him. His believe finds expression in his idealistic philosophical notion of the unseen existential reality over the visible realities. Owing to this belief, we find it saver to describe Rev Fr Mbaka as the founder of the ministry rather than the Originator which he attributes to the Holy Spirit and which finds expression in another name of the Ministry- The Empire of the Holy Spirit.

From Rev Fr Mbaka, we learnt that Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria never really had no formal beginning but an offshoot of his Eucharistic Celebration at Government Technical College (G.T.C) Enugu where a few people used to gather to celebrate the Eucharist with him at the early years of his priestly vocation. At that time, the idea of all night long prayer was not yet in place. In one of the days of this Eucharistic Celebration, a woman brought her dead child to Rev Fr Mbaka at the altar. The priest who did not know how to handle the situation laid the lifeless child at the floor of the altar where the Blessed Sacrament was exposed and began to pray. A shocking miracle manifested as the lifeless child came back to life. The story of this miracle spread far and near alongside other miracles being recorded during his prayers. The idea of having all-night adoration program was conceived as a means to keeping the worshipers awake during his night vigil prayer programmes at GTC. This was how Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) evolved. It was previously called Word Prayer Centre of the Eucharistic Jesus. It grew like a gem, microscopically invisible but visually visible until events made it a reality and a historical global assembly of people of God.

While at G.T.C Enugu, the young ministry faced lots of opposition and battle both from the Government quarters and within. The anointing upon Fr Mbaka continued to increase as days went by and soon he became a voice for the voiceless, exposing the word of God in radical manner with zero tolerance for social injustice, oppression, deprivations, evil governance and mediocrity. It was at that time fourteen (14) adorers (including a pregnant woman) were murdered at the GTC prayer ground masterminded by the administration of Chimaroke Nnamani , then Governor of Enugu State in ploy that was explained away as stampede at the Government Quarters

This development marked the turning points of the Ministry as Fr Mbaka suffered great persecution from the said administration, just as his anointing for the battle continued to wax stronger. At a point, he was waylaid on the road along Garden Avenue Enugu by hired assassins from Government house who shot several bullets at him but instead of the bullets piercing him, the bullet were dropping on his Holy Bible which he usually placed in front of his car. It was after this miracle that he released a musical track titled “Onye oma” in his album titled “Aka Ndi Mou ozi”

The Opposition the ministry faced at the GTC coupled with the need for a wider space necessitated by the increasing number of adorers that quadruped at unimaginable measures made Rev Fr Mbaka to migrate to Christ the King Parish (CKP) Enugu, where he became the Parish priest till date. It is worthy of mention that Rev. Fr. Mbaka started and completed both the big church and the parish house at CKP GRA Enugu within a record time of six months. Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) stayed at the said CKP for some years until for almost the same reason for the Ministry’s migration to the venue, the Ministry migrated again to Umuchigbo Iji-Nike at Emene near Enugu Nigeria where Rev Fr Mbaka acquired massive hectares of land as the Ministry’s permanent site.


Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, (Amen), is a ministry of the Holy Spirit under the Roman Catholic Church. The church ministry, which is permanently located at Umuchigbo Iji Nike, Enugu - Nigeria is involved in so many activities aimed at redirecting the mind of adorers and indeed other Christians to the path of salvation, providing spiritual and material succor to the poor, the widow and seemingly hopeless segments of the society and other humanitarian services. AMEN by the special grace of God is a ministry closely associated with amazing miracles of God and shocking testimonies. The ministry has grown so large to a number too numerous to count who are scattered in all parts of the world but predominantly in Nigeria and South-East in particular.